Qual & quant

Focus groups & In-depth interviews

madfactory’s moderators are skilled in projective and explorative techniques, to go beyond rational responses and gain a deep understanding of consumers’ underlying motivations.
The European and American teams include Italian, English and Spanish native speakers. Thanks to our network of selected local moderators, we cover Europe, North-America and further afield, delivering timely results, fine-tuned to the local context.


People are not just consumers. Observing participants’ behaviours in the environment of their homes allows you to know who they really are and their approach to life, offering you precious insights about how your brand and products fit their philosophy of life and daily habits.

Online communities

Online communities offer you the benefit of being with your consumers for days, weeks or even longer periods of time, when they interact with your brand and products, exactly in the moment that it happens. Thanks to our multilingual experts we can run communities simultaneously in different languages and countries, all managed in house.

Online focus groups

Reach your target right where they live: take full advantage of our moderators’ expertise and streaming services and run your focus groups online.


Our highly skilled multilingual team of moderators fine-tunes your research needs to the local context, facilitating insight rich conversation in person or over the phone, delivering you the data you look for, in the way you prefer it.


Our quant experts manage online quantitative studies in house, running projects in any country and language. We work following gamification principles to ensure high respondent engagement. Together with our design team, we bring data to life through compelling infographics, to deliver your insights in an intuitive way.

Usability testing

Whether you are just starting developing your website/app or you are looking to assess it and compare it with your competitors, our moderators can help you to run tests in person or remotely, or assist you during observations. Our usability lab is equipped with eye-tracking system, as well as audio and video recording. A large one-way mirror allows you to follow every step of the research project.


Listen + Interpret


Consumer Research & Concept Testing