Field & facilities

Full service Qual Facility and Retail Point. Project management, Recruitment, incentive handling.

Focus Group Room

The focus group room: 30 sqm (325 square feet) of bright and elegant space, right in the heart of Milan, perfect for displaying the stimuli to be tested (physical or digital) via shelves, TV and panels for hanging boards. Lots of space for the moderator to move around and keep the discussion flowing.

A state-of-the-art audio-video system with minimal background noise and stable volume levels. The camera captures high quality images in Full HD resolution. Simultaneous two-channel recording and streaming in local and translated languages.

A smooth webstreaming connection allows clients to follow fieldwork remotely, as if they were watching from behind the mirror.


Listen + Interpret


Fieldwork Management

Client Room

The client room: a large one-way mirror allows for a direct and panoramic view of the groups in action. The room can comfortably accommodate up to 12 people with 9 dedicated work areas and a refreshment area equipped with refrigerator and dining table.

A personal chef prepares savory meals and pastries daily for a unique taste experience. The menu is customizable based on individual needs and preferences and includes a wide selection of wine and drinks (we are in Italy, after all) available before, during and after the sessions.

A dedicated host, at the disposal of our clients, is ready to respond to any request and help provide a productive and pleasant experience.


Full HD 1080p Digital video recording and video streaming, ideal for archiving and high quality remote access

High quality audio recording, thanks to the omnidirectional microphone and the sound insulating panels

Simultaneous recordings in two languages


Dedicated Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections (up to 1000Mbps in download and 200Mbps in upload)

Wireless headphones, with dual language option

Up to 9 work stations


Smart 50 inch 4K TV equipped with Apple TV

MacBook Air laptop

Flip chart

Panels for posters and images 11. Seats up to 12 participants


Catering service with personal chef

2 refrigerators

1 freezer

Convection oven



Madfactory Retail Point

Madfactory Retail Point: a realistic, customizable 70sqm (753 square feet) retail space to test real products, as well as 2D and 3D confidential mockups.

Powerful LED lights guarantee your products are perfectly showcased at any shelf level.

The latest generation Eye-Tracking and Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) technology enables you to collect physiometric data and delve deep into consumers’ behaviour.

An additional room, equipped with monitors and desks, perfect for in-depth pack analysis and follow-up interviews.

Our design team will assist you in producing 2D shelves and 2D/3D mockups.