• Horizontal and vertical conceptualization. Exploration of  Brand Extension ideas using projective techniques
  • Harness the potential of the brand name and identity, by projecting the natural path the brand can travel
  • Find out whether consumers give the brand permission to embrace other categories and multiply
  • Validated through discrete conjoint exercises that project ideal scenarios for launching extensions


  • Audit of the Brand Reputation/Perception at the Category User level
  • Available to all paying clients in the same category
  • The indispensable first step in determining if the brand is in need of revitalization


  • Strategic Insights via hybrid qual-quant intersection research
  • Funnel™ is a new market research tool that allows the design of qualitative research across the web
  • Funnel™ develops qualitative market research with the same projective approach as focus groups, but with a broader sample base
  • This new methodology was born to combine the benefits of qualitative and quantitative research, targeted insights and responses to complex issues that ensure a high degree of unpredictability on a large number of respondents

“For goodness sake, stop researching for a while and begin to act.” — Walter Hamilton Moberley

So, we finished the research, we made recommendations, now what? Interpreting and translating facts to convert them into actions requires guidance.