Conceptual Workshop Sessions with Stakeholders to Imagine the Future of the Brand. Is the brand tired and dusty, or thriving and full of life? In either case, half a day of harnessing the power of unbridled imagination will open the doors to possibilities. Under the guidance of our expert consultants, stakeholders, including marketing, design and insight professionals will free the brand from the constraints of next quarter P&L to look beyond the obvious, the expected and the safe. A list of possible directions (the Brand Flex Book of Opportunity) will emerge from the workshop.


Follow up workshop to narrow options on the Future of the Brand and devise strategic directions.
Time for a reality check. The Brand Flex book of Opportunities will be picked apart in this workshop and only the best, most promising and feasible ideas will be moved forward. Actionable recommendations and plans will emerge from the session.


Based on a Meta Analysis of product packaging/advertising/communication, our expert consultants will help you understand the lifecycle of a brand at retail and assists you in refocusing the brand via identity rejuvenation. Typical turn around time is 6-7 weeks for initial recommendations.


We provides a POV on identity/packaging redesigns currently been explored and suggest evaluative tools to define direction.
So, the design agency gave you 10 options to choose from. Before you commit resources to explore the merit of each of them, talk to our expert consultants. For a reasonable fee we will provide an analysis of the designs and recommend the most promising ones for further exploration.


Training sessions to educate on best practices for Packaging and Shopper activity development, Pillars of Packaging Success, Core Strategies, Common Mistakes in Packaging and Shopper Activities, Strategies for Improving Success Rates and Best Practices for Packaging and Shopper Research.

“The only strategy your customer ever sees is what you execute.” — A.G. Lafley (P&G)

Finding and interpreting consumer insight, strategizing, developing, refining and testing ideas is all fine and good, but at some point ideas must be realized and the next set of facts must be shaped.