We help companies develop their brands (awareness, reputation, equity) by integrating marketing research and communication design. Our researchers and designers work together to propose design solutions deeply grounded in customer insights.

Integrated approach
Our marketing and design teams work side by side, allowing us to assist you with the entire brand development project, from data collection and interpretation, to communication design and optimization.
Scalable services
We know every company has its own unique organizational culture. Whether you commission madfactory the entire brand development process or just specific aspects of it, our services are designed to be modular and fit perfectly into your existing supplier network.
Omnichannel approach
Our services are designed to help you optimise brand communication across every brand touchpoint, from packaging and store experience to your website, app and e-commerce.
In-house facilities
Our dedicated research facilities allow us full control over the data collection process, guaranteeing accuracy, efficiency flexibility and confidentiality for our clients.
We partner with the best technology providers in the marketing industry to capture both unfiltered physiometric responses and conscious opinions, giving you a complete view of consumer experience and behaviour in digital and retail environments.
Intercultural fluency
Proven expertise in the US and European markets through in-house experts with decades of experience and a network of trusted local partners.
Discover our services. Listen + Interpret. Shape + Evolve. Discover our services. Listen + Interpret. Shape + Evolve.

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Brands and companies we take care of. Brands and companies we take care of.
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